Paterson, Top Officials Take Questions in New Blog

Straight talk. Straight answers. From Albany? Of course!

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    The governor's got a brand new blog.

    The governor's got a brand new blog.

    Gov. David Paterson and top administration officials will respond to taxpayer questions, concerns and suggestions in "Straight Talk, Straight Answers" -- a blog launched Wednesday in response to an enthusiastic reception by taxpayers to the "Straight Talk from the Taxpayer" interactive Web feature a couple of weeks ago.

    The new blog aims to respond to taxpayer input and to inform taxpayers about progress made to implement their ideas.

    "This open and transparent dialogue is important to Governor Paterson's ongoing efforts to save taxpayer dollars, streamline government and provide relief to New York’s property taxpayers," the site reads.

    The first two posts on the blog respond to taxpayer comments about state employees taking cars home, and "double-dipping" by retired state workers who are paid as state consultants while they're drawing a state pension.