Paladino and Post Reporter Have to Be Separated After Confrontation

"I'll take you out!" gubernatorial candidate says to Fred Dicker

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    New York Post State Editor Fred Dicker and Carl Paladino, the Republican candidate for governor, argue in Albany over Paladino's claim his opponent Andrew Cuomo was unfaithful in his marriage. (Published Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010)

    Aides had to separate New York Republican candidate for governor Carl Paladino from a reporter during an angry exchange before a speech.

    New York Post State Editor Fred Dicker on Wednesday night asked Paladino to provide proof of his claim to the Politico blog that his opponent, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, had extramarital affairs years ago. Cuomo is divorced from Kerry Kennedy, Robert Kennedy's daughter.

    Paladino said he would provide proof "at the appropriate time" then accused Dicker of being biased for Cuomo. Paladino criticized Dicker because a Post reporter recently went to the home of Paladino's young daughter.

    At one point Paladino says to Dicker, "I will take you out!"

    Paladino, who is married, admitted fathering the child out of wedlock.

    The Republican raised the question of Cuomo's fidelity in a blog just hours before Paladino was to speak to the state Business Council.

    A spokeswoman for the newspaper said, "The Post has no comment."