Newark's Dem Mayor Supports Christie's Tax Cap Plan | NBC New York

Newark's Dem Mayor Supports Christie's Tax Cap Plan



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    Mayor Booker supporting property tax cap plan.

    The Democratic mayor of New Jersey's largest city is supporting the Republican governor's proposal to cap property tax increases at 2.5 percent annually.

    Gov. Chris Christie's proposed constitutional amendment would ban towns from raising property taxes by more than 2.5 percent
    without voter approval.

    Newark Mayor Cory Booker says property taxes in Newark have gone up 76 percent in last decade and 19 percent in the past five years.

    On Monday, Booker said the cap would encourage towns to share services and called it a "historic opportunity."

    Two Democratic lawmakers also are proposing property tax caps, but those wouldn't involve amending the Constitution and would allow exceptions for things like the rising cost of public employees' health care premiums.