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Candidates for Manhattan D.A. Gear Up for Primary

The position hasn't been vacant in over 30 years.



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    Robert Morgenthau has served as Manhattan District Attorney since 1975.

    It's arguably the most high-profile prosecutor job in the country -- and it's becoming vacant for the first time in 34 years.
    Three candidates face off Tuesday in a Democratic primary that will effectively determine who replaces Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau. He leads an office known for prosecuting corporate titans and celebrities and serving as a model for television's "Law & Order."

    The 90-year-old Morgenthau has held the office since 1975.    

    His potential successors include noted gun control advocate Richard Aborn, hard-nosed former judge Leslie Crocker Snyder and defense lawyer Cy Vance, the son of a former secretary of state.
    All three once worked for Morgenthau -- more than 20 years ago.