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WATCH: Girl Surprises Deaf Parents With Sign Language at Christmas Concert



    A kindergartener performing at a school Christmas concert surprised the audience by using sign language so her deaf parents could understand the lyrics.

    While the other kids used rehearsed hand gestures, 5-year-old Claire Koch used American Sign Language to sing a song about Santa's white beard and twinkling eyes set to the tune of "Bingo." Claire's mom Lori Koch captured the performance in a video that was posted to YouTube on Monday.

    Lori Koch told Yahoo! News that she was surprised to see Claire sign during the song. Koch said she can speak, sign and read lips, while her husband only uses sign language.

    She praised her daughter's signing skills and joked that she "is a much better interpreter than Nelson's fake one," referring to the interpreter at Nelson Mandela's memorial service who was recently panned for his undecipherable hand gestures.

    Check out the video above to see the cute performance. Claire is the little girl with the blonde hair and plaid dress in the center of the frame.