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Victims Recall Gruesome Ohio Machete Attack



    Police talk inside the Columbus, Ohio, restaurant where they say a man attacked several people with a machete on Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016. They say the man fled the scene and was later fatally shot by police.

    Some of the victims of a machete-wielding Ohio man are recalling the attack, NBC News reported.

    Debbie and Gerald Russell were in a front booth at Nazareth Restaurant and Deli in Columbus on Thursday when Gerald noticed a man barge through the door with what he thought was a baton.

    "He had a look on his face that was [indescribable]," Gerald told NBC affiliate WCMH. "And it was just a lot of hate and anger, and I have no idea where the rage is coming from."

    Mohamed Barry, 30, charged into the restaurant and began assaulting patrons, authorities said.

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    William Foley, 54, "aggressively attempted to subdue" Barry, Foley's friend Bonnie Stern told NBC News in an email. He engaged "in a physical altercation with him to keep him from hurting or even killing the other people in the restaurant. He was then critically injured in the process."