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Rescued Hiker: "We Weren't Meant to Die"

Nicolas Cendoya released from Mission Hospital on Sunday

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    Talking to reporters outside a hospital in Mission Viejo, Nicolas Cendoya talks about the days he spent lost in the Trabuco Canyon area, how he almost died and the constant hallucinations that had him second guessing reality. This video was recorded on Sunday, April 7, 2013. It has been edited for time. (Published Sunday, April 7, 2013)

    One of the two hikers rescued from the Cleveland National Forest said Sunday that he was in and out of consciousness while stuck in a rugged Orange County canyon.

    "The last thing I could tell you was going into a lucid dream," said 19-year-old Nicolas Cendoya. "I can't even tell you when I woke up. I was in lucid dreams and hallucinations for days."

    Hiker Says Being Lost Was "Test From God"

    [LA] Hiker Says Being Lost Was "Test From God"
    Nicholas Cendoya was recovering in a hospital after being rescued from the Cleveland National Forest late Wednesday night. Cendoya and his hiking companion, Kyndall Jack, got lost after going on a hike on Easter Sunday. Angie Crouch reports from Mission Viejo for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Friday, April 5, 2013. (Published Saturday, April 6, 2013)

    Cendoya was released from Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo in Sunday.

    "I could see the helicopters flying over me every day," Cendoya said. "When the firefighters came up to me, I couldn't even believe it."

    Hiker Lost For Days Continues to Recover

    [LA] Hiker Lost For Days Continues to Recover
    Kyndall Jack remained hospitalized Friday following a four-day ordeal, stranded in the Trabuco Canyon area of Orange County. Despite being lost in the forest without food or water since Easter Sunday, Jack has no broken bones or internal injuries. Hetty Chang reports for the NBC4 News at 6 p.m. on Friday, April 5, 2013. (Published Friday, April 5, 2013)

    "We weren't meant to die," he said.

    Cendoya and Kyndall Jack, 18, were saved last week after getting lost and separated during a hike in the Trabuco Canyon area.

    Jack, who was rescued a day after Cendoya, has since messaged Cendoya, thanking him for helping the pair survive.

    Cendoya was hospitalized in Mission Viejo, while Jack was at UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange. Both hikers suffered dehydration along with cuts and bruises.

    Jack remained hospitalized in good condition as of Sunday and no discharge date has been set yet, according to UC Irvine Healthcare spokesman John Murray.