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[Democratic Primary] Decision 2016: Hillary Clinton and the Dems

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New Hampshire: Countdown to 1st in the Nation Primary



    The country's first primary begins in New Hampshire on Tuesday and after the Iowa Caucuses, the results will play a critical factor in deciding who will be sent to the White House. 

    Sen. Ted Cruz may have done well in Iowa but New Hampshire's evangelical voters, who largely supported Cruz in Iowa, aren't as numerous this time around, NBC News reported. 

    Donald Trump leads in the New Hampshire polls and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio hopes to gain more points. 

    For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton's camp increase their attacks on Bernie Sanders, who holds the lead in the polls. Bill Clinton was asked if he is worried that Hillary doesn't do well with younger voters and he replied, "No, it's all part of the strategy the Republicans have. Keep her tied up for a year."