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Man Kills Teenage Girlfriend, Burns Her Body: Police



    (Published Monday, Sept. 9, 2013)

    The boyfriend of a teen missing for more than a week has been charged with killing the 19-year-old.

    Delaware State Police announced Sunday that Tony Mozick Jr. of Leipsic was arrested in connection with the death of  Taylor Owens of Dover. Owens was last seen Aug. 31, but human remains were discovered Saturday evening in a wooded area in Leipsic.

    Police say that after further investigation, they were able to connect Mozick, 21, to his girlfriend’s death. Police say there was a physical altercation between the couple on Aug. 31 in the residence they shared on Denny Street. Investigators say Mozick tried to dispose of Owens' body by burning it.

    Mozick was arrested Sunday morning, charged with first-degree murder and abusing a corpse and sent to jail without bond.

    Police didn't indicate how they think Mozick killed Owens.

    In an interesting twist, police confirm that Mozick's own sister Jennifer Barnes and her boyfriend Gerard Schweiger were accused earlier this year of killing Mozick's father Tony Mozick Sr., stuffing the body in a large bin and throwing that bin off a bridge. Police say Schweiger had stabbed Mozick Sr. to death.

    Mozick Jr.'s grandmother believes her grandson killed Owens and she also says she knows why.

    "I can tell you my grandson was having a hard time dealing with his dad's death," she said. "That was very difficult for him. We know that people can reach a breaking point. And we know he did."

    Owens' family says they knew Mozick had problems. They also say they repeatedly warned Owens to get away.

    "She loved him," said Owens' friend Amber Kidwell. "We told her she could do better and she didn't need it. But she said she loved him and that he would change. That's all she would tell me."

    Mozick also was arrested as part of a marijuana bust last summer.