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AA Flight From LA to DFW Lands Due to Cracked Windshield



    (Published Monday, Sept. 1, 2014)

    An American Airlines flight headed for Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on Monday immediately returned to Los Angeles International Airport after the cockpit windshield cracked.

    Flight 2448 landed at LAX without incident and passengers boarded another plane for the trip to DFW.

    The flight landed about 9:15 p.m., several hours later than originally planned.

    "We were flying for about 20 minutes, and we just heard an announcement that the windshield cracked. The captain said in all his years of flying, he had never seen anything like it and that the safest thing to do was to turn around and go back to L.A.," said passenger Mark Denesuk.

    A photo from passenger Glenn Kagan showed a series of cracks that covered the entire left side of the windshield in the cockpit of the Boeing 757.

    "The captain and the crew were incredible. They were absolutely calm at all times. Never raised their voice. Never put fear in anybody. And the old adage is true, calm is contagious," said passenger Arthur Underman.

    American Airlines spokesman Paul Flanagan said there were no injuries and the cause of the damage wasn't immediately known.