Police Interview Employees of Contractor about Deadly Christmas Fire: Report

Stamford police say they will have information available within the next two weeks.

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    NBC New York

    The employees of the contractor who survived a tragic Christmas Day fire that killed his friend's three daughters and her parents are being questioned by investigators as part of an ongoing probe, according to a report.

    Stamford Police Capt. Richard Conklin told the New York Post that his investigators have spoken to several people who worked on the renovations to the home, and hopes to release information within the next week and a half. He said criminal charges are being considered, according to the Post. 
    Michael Borcina, the friend of Manhattan ad exec Madonna Badger, was overseeing the project. Authorities say embers in a bag of discarded fireplace ashes started the blaze. 
    Both Badger and Borcina were re-interviewed by police and fire officials as part of the investigation.
    Officials say the home's smoke-detector system was not hooked up, and the home lacked a new certificate of occupancy.
    Sources told the paper that the investigation was stalled because the home was torn down the day of the fire, an order made by the city's building department chief, Robert DeMarco, who cited safety issues.
    The police said they were not notified before the house was torn down, and there was no paperwork filed about the order.