Another Tourist Arrested for Illegal Gun Possession in Manhattan

The Ohio tourist was busted with three guns -- two pistols and a semiautomatic -- in his Lexington Avenue hotel room.

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    An Ohio man visiting New York was arrested Saturday and charged with three counts of second-degree gun possession after police found two pistols and a semiautomatic weapon in his hotel room, according to a report

    Fred Vankirk, 59, of Columbus, is the second tourist in less than a month to be accused of violating the state's strict gun laws.
    Vankirk was arrested at about 11 a.m Saturday. A court complaint obtained by The New York Post alleges he admitted to possessing the weapons, telling the arresting officer, "I have three guns in the hotel room. Is that what this is about?"
    Police found two pistols and a semiautomatic weapon in his room at the Radisson Hotel, police sources told the Post.
    Vankirk has a gun permit in his home state of Ohio, but does not have a license to carry in New York. 
    The name of his attorney wasn’t immediately available.
    Last month, a Tennessee tourist visiting the 9/11 memorial also learned about New York's strict gun laws the hard way after she tried to check a loaded gun before heading into the museum. 
    She was also charged with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon.