NY, NJ Moving Ahead on Health Care

States are expected to be partners with the federal government in implementing a plan to extend coverage to the uninsured by 2014.

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    New York and New Jersey are both moving forward with plans to comply with the national health care law, which would extend coverage to the uninsured by 2014.

    An analysis by The Associated Press shows 13 states have adopted a plan to comply with the law. New York and New Jersey are among 17 states making headway. 

    States must have their plans ready for federal approval by Jan. 1, 2013, or risk having federal oversight of their health care.

    An important part of the law calls for health insurance exchanges, new one-stop supermarkets with online and landline capabilities for those who buy coverage individually.

    The analysis divides states into four broad groups: those that have adopted a plan for exchanges, those that made substantial progress -- which includes New Jersey; those where the outlook is unclear, and those with no significant progress.