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Yanks Make Cold Cash Off Backs of Shivering Fans



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    The Hot chocolate at Yankee stadium is not this luxurious

    The Yankees are taking full advantage of their fans' undying support in this frigid economy by having their mobile vendors sell $10 cups of luke-warm hot chocolate during the ice-cold ALCS.

    Sports Illustrated's Peter Kingdid the math after making such a purchase at Yankee Stadium the other night and found the Yankees were probably making a profit of about "$9.15 profit on each hot chocolate sold."

    That's based off of the assumption that the hot chocolate mix costs about 23 cents per serving (market rates), a 6.5 cent cup and lid, and 4 cents for hot water.

    Even if these numbers are way off, and the chocolate mix used in the drink is a high-grade chocolate premium blend that goes for $4 a pop, the team is still doubling their profit at the expense of a stadium full of shivering fans.

    As an alternative, the stadium vendors do sell a smaller $4 cup of the hot stuff, but they won't bring that one to you. You'll have to go pick it up to save the $6.