Yanks Fan Sues Over Too-Polished Memorabilia Seats

He wants $5 million in compensation

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    John Lefkus paid $2,000 for a pair of seats from the old stadium.

    When a Yankee fan from Jersey laid down $2,000 for a pair of seats from the old Yankee Stadium, he wanted them just the way they were.

    What he got instead were seats cleaned up to the point that they were no longer authentic, he claims in a $5 million class-action lawsuit filed Oct. 20.

    John Lefkus accuses Steiner Sports, a memorabilia company,  of not only refurbishing the seats but altering the armrests as well.

    Owner Brandon Steiner says he offered to to take the seats back and give Lefkus a full refund.

    The Yankees made an agreement with New York City for the right to sell seats from the old stadium in May. Single seats sold for $750 a piece, and pairs sold for $1499. Specific seats, like those purchased by Lefkus, sold for $1999.