First Four Loko, Now Alcoholic Whipped Cream!

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    With names like Whipped Lightning, Cream, and Whip-Ahol- a popular topping just turned 21. If you're ready to take your party or pumpkin pie to the next level just be careful. Tonight's sweet treat could be tomorrow's hangover. Tom Llamas brings us the story. (Published Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010)

    With names like Whipped Lightning, Cream, and Whip-Ahol your favorite topping just turned 21. If you're ready to take your party or pumpkin pie to the next level just be careful because tonight's sweet treat could be tomorrow's hangover.

    "Definitely the chocolate whipped is doing well and the coconut," said Seth Nadel as he surveyed his best selling stock of Whipped Lightning at his store Shoppers Vineyard in Clifton, New Jersey.

    At that liquor store it's not champagne or eggnog that's flying off the shelves.  It’s the alcoholic whip cream that’s stronger than most wine and beer.

    "We're selling hundreds of cans a day," said Nadel

    It’s the same story at Buy-Rite in Jersey City where they’ve sold out of two different flavors of Whipped Lightning.

    "We actually have to reorder it this week," said Rick Andres who is the general manager of Buy Rite.

    Alcoholic whipped cream is not yet available in New York but it is in Connecticut.  Whipped Lightning is the most popular brand NBC New York came across in New Jersey.  It comes in a variety of flavors and cost ten dollars.

    "I figure it's something different. I’ve had alcohol and whipped cream just never at the same time so we'll see how it works out,” said  Charles Mills who bought a can at Shoppers Vineyard.

    Those who sell alcoholic whip cream say it goes great on desserts and coffee, but a clip on YouTube shows two girl taking it straight-up

    "I’ve heard people saying that it's the new thing to try because it's similar to Four Loko, " said Montclair State University student Nick Alessandrini

    Whipped Lightning distributor Gary Mazzarella says any comparison between alcoholic whipped cream and Four Loko is “loco.”  He says White Lightning is highly regulated by the federal government and state goverment.

    “Whipped Lightning is really going into that 30-year-old person into their 50's. Two totally different demographics," said Mazzarella

    One of the reason people are concerned with alcoholic whipped cream is because each can has more than 18 percent alcohol. That's less than an average bottle of hard liquor but more than most beer and wine.

    "It's not unusual for you to take a large amount of whipped cream I mean who takes a dollop of whipped cream on anything so you could easily consume a quarter of half a can and that's a beer or two right there and not even know it, so you can become intoxicated without even realizing what you are getting into,” said Dr Marina Cooney from Main Line Health.