Masked, Armed Men Rob Union Toll Plaza on Garden State Parkway

The robbers jumped out of a car and robbed booths in different lanes.

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    A group of masked, armed men jumped out of a car on the Garden State Parkway and robbed toll booths in different lanes early Friday.

    New Jersey State Police said the four men were traveling in a silver Chrysler, possibly a 200 or Sebring. Just after 5 a.m., they pulled into Lane 7 of the northbound toll plaza known as Union Toll Plaza.

    Police say the passenger in the left backseat got out, showed a gun to the collector, and robbed the booth.

    The passenger in the right rear got out and robbed the collector in Lane 4.

    Police say surveillance footage showed a license plate that authorities traced to its registered address. When they arrived, a silver Chrysler 300 at that address had its front plate removed and "had not been moved for some time," police said.

    The robbers are believed to have stolen a plate from a similar vehicle to put on the one they were using.

    Anyone with information is asked to call detectives at 973-338-1370.