Traffic Fatalities in New York City Are at an All-Time Low: Report

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    Be careful out there.

    City officials say traffic deaths in New York City are at an all-time low, but that pedestrians still make up the majority of people who have died in the last five years.
    City officials on Monday released data showing that from 2005 to 2009, there were 1,467 traffic fatalities. The yearly totals declined from 321 in 2005 to 256 in 2009, which was the safest year in New York City history.
    Pedestrians accounted for 52 percent of the fatalities, followed by motor vehicle occupants, motorcyclists and bicyclists.

    Other findings included that New York City's traffic fatality rate was 25 percent of the national rate, and less than 50 percent of the next 10 largest cities.
    City officials called for motorists and pedestrians to take steps to ensure safety, like obeying the speed limit and not crossing the street against the light.