Man Travels to Philly for Sex With Mom, Baby: DA | NBC New York

Man Travels to Philly for Sex With Mom, Baby: DA


    Anthony Taylor was led out of Delaware County courthouse in Linwood, Pa. Wednesday afternoon.

    When Anthony Taylor took a trip down the turnpike from New York to Media, Pa., he thought he was going to meet a mother and her new baby. Instead, he met police officers.

    Taylor, 48, of Staten Island, allegedly intended on having sex with the woman and her 14-month old baby, according to Delaware County district attorney Michael Green.

    The only problem? She and her baby never existed. Taylor was the target of a pedophilia sting operation.

    An undercover officer met Taylor a.k.a. "Tony The Staten Island Man" three months ago in a chat room called "Start Them Early," authorities said. He and the officer communicated regularly and eventually set up a meeting.

    Taylor was arrested at a Dunkin' Donuts along West Baltimore Pike Wednesday afternoon, police said.

    The conversations between Taylor and the officer were so graphic we have chosen not to reprint them. "It's disturbing, it's sexually graphic and it indicates a clear intention to have that kind of intimate contact with a baby -- a 14-month old baby," Green said.

    Taylor was quickly arraigned Wednesday afternoon and is being held on $750,000 bail.