Think You've Got a Better Idea? NYC's Online Suggestion Box Takes Ideas From Average Folks

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    City officials say the experiment appears to have generated few problems; it has even saved the financially strapped city around $100,000.

    "So, you got a better idea? Tell us! "

    That's the message City Hall is sending through a new 'virtual suggestion box' on the website.

    The new feature on the site lets Average Joes share their thoughts on ways the city and its agencies can save money.

    And officials say the suggestion box isn't just going to an echo chamber: ideas that make their way to the site will be reviewed and shared with the heads of various city agencies. 

    The next step to the effort will involve the city creating a "crowdsourcing" tool to allow groups of people to research, report and work on ideas.  

    City officials even say that if they use your suggestion, they'll write you back and let you know.