A Soldier Turned Author on the Excitement of War

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    Premiere of HBO Documentary "Wartorn 1861-2010" - a blunt look at the stresses experienced by the troops in combat. David Ushery interviews the Director and two WWII veterans.

    For 15 months Matt Gallagher led a U.S. Army armored cavalry platoon in Iraq.

    He's been out of the military a little more than a year and admits having to "down shift" to life as a civilian.

    Gallagher was one of five veterans who also happened to be writers taking part in a reading at The Old Stone House in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn.

    Gallagher' book is titled, "Kaboom, Embracing the Suck in a Savage Little War."

    "Nobody wants to talk about it, says Gallagher, "but there is an excitement that goes along with being in danger on a daily basis that sometimes makes life after coming home difficult. It took patience from family and friends to help me make the transition."