Teterboro Near-Misses Blamed on Air Traffic Controller, Pilot Errors

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    The tower at Teterboro Airport

    Errors by air traffic controllers and a jet pilot led to three planes nearly coming into each other's flight paths over Teterboro Airport last fall.

    That's the conclusion of a report by the National Transportation Safety Board.

    A corporate jet took off from the northern New Jersey airport last Oct. 20, but turned back due to a faulty fuel indicator light.

    The report released last week found that air traffic controllers at Teterboro and at a regional control center in New York gave contradictory or incorrect instructions to the jet and two approaching Cessnas that nearly put the planes on a collision course.

    The report faulted the jet's pilot for overshooting the runway on its return.

    A spokesman for air traffic controllers at Teterboro didn't immediately return a message Monday.