Suspicious Package From Yemen Causes Evacuation at JFK

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    Officials are taking a closer look at packages at a DHL cargo building. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010)

    A shipping facility at JFK Airport was evacuated as "a way precaution" Wednesday evening because of a suspicious package, sources said.

    Law enforcement sources said a package from Yemen was checked and cleared yesterday by security officials, but DHL personnel today called law enforcement back for a second look -- it was unclear when exactly the package arrived in the past few days.

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    Then, sometime before 6 p.m. bomb squad technicians were called to the Building 263 at JFK and the DHL facility was evacuated.  The Port Authority brought in buses so that DHL workers wouldn't have to wait in the cold.

    "Out of an abundance of caution, FBI Agents, PAPD, NYPD and CBP are inspecting a package at JFK. No determination has been made as to the contents," said FBI spokesman Richard Kolko.

    Sources said that either a cell phone or "cell phone parts" caused the suspicion about the package.

    The "All Clear" was given just after 8 p.m., Port Authority officials said.