Supporters Rally for DSK Hotel Maid

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    Supporters of the hotel maid accusing Dominique Strauss-Kahn rally Sunday for the case to be pursued.

    Her case may be losing steam, but the woman who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault still has supporters.

    State Sen. William Perkins organized a rally Sunday in support of the accuser. They gathered to urge prosecutors to continue pursuing charges against Strauss-Kahn, the former International Monetary Fund chief.

    The case hit a wall after it was revealed earlier this month that Strauss-Kahn's accuser lied about her past and what she did right after the alleged attack.

    Still, supporters say the former Sofitel hotel maid deserves the case to be pursued.

    DSK Goes Free As Questions Surround Maid's Credibility

    [NY] DSK Goes Free As Questions Surround Maid's Credibility
    Former IMF leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn enjoys his first weekend free of house arrest. (Published Sunday, July 3, 2011)

    "We demand this woman have her day in court," said one of the rally participants. "We stand here not in judgment of this case, but we're standing here saying that we have a right as women... to see that this case be brought to court."

    DSK was last spotted with his wife at the Tanglewood jazz music festival in the Berkshires Friday night. The next hearing for his sexual assault case is expected to be Aug. 1

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