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Staten Island 9/11 Memorial Vandalized Again



    (Published Thursday, April 11, 2013)

    The Staten Island memorial to 9/11 victims has been vandalized again -- at least the third time the marker has been damaged.

    The "Postcards'' memorial features plaques in honor of Staten Islanders who died in the attack, and officials said several of the plaques were damaged.

    For families, it is a highly personal monument, etched with the name, place of employment, birthdate and a facial profile in silhouette for each of the Staten Islanders who perished. 

    "You go to these memorials, and you have a moment of silence to yourself for your loved one," said Dr. Paul Barbara, an emergency room physician whose father died on 9/11. "And if it's defaced, it's a terrible, terrible thing." 

    The body of Gerard Barbara, an FDNY assistant chief of department, was never recovered. Paul Barbara's children never got to meet their grandfather. 

    "I was mortified and embarrassed that my kids couldn't even get a glimpse of a face they never got to see," said Barbara. 

    Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro said that graffiti was also found. He wants more police patrols in response to the vandalism. 

    "No idea who's doing it," said Molinaro. "Someone has a problem, a mental problem, in my opinion." 

    He said new plaques would be made and installed.

    Some leave flowers or photos of their loved ones at the memorial. Some people, like retired police officer John Guzzo, simply like to stop by and remember. 

    "I think someone that did this is someone who has very little respect for themselves, so they can't have any respect for anyone else," he said. 

    The memorial was dedicated in 2004.