Accused Police Car Bomb Plotter Indicted

Jose Pimentel is accused of weapons possession and conspiracy as terror crimes.

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    Jose Pimentel, 27, right.

    An al-Qaida sympathizer charged with building a homemade bomb to try to attack police and other government targets has been indicted in a rare state-level terror case.

    An indictment filed Wednesday accuses Jose Pimentel of the initial terror charges against him, weapons possession and conspiracy as terror crimes.

    Terror Plot Suspect Arraigned

    [NY] Terror Plot Suspect Arraigned
    An al-Qaida sympathizer who plotted to bomb NYPD patrol cars and postal facilities and envisioned targeting U.S. soldiers returning home from overseas has been arraigned, officials say. Jose Pimentel appeared before a judge in night court. (Published Monday, Nov. 21, 2011)

    The indictment also includes attempted weapons possession as a terror crime.

    Pimentel's lawyers, Lori Cohen and Susan Walsh, say the case "certainly is not terrorism." They say the lonely, curious 27-year-old was "prime pickings" for an overeager police informant.

    Arrest in NYC Pipe Bomb Terror Plot

    [NY] Arrest in NYC Pipe Bomb Terror Plot
    The NYPD makes an arrest in an alleged pipe bomb terror plot here in New York. News 4 has the details. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012)

    The Manhattan district attorney's office had no immediate comment.

    The indictment came after plea talks last month evidently didn't bear fruit.

    Court records show Pimentel's arraignment is expected next month. A Thursday court date was canceled.