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Sources: Ex-jetBlue Flight Attendant Trying to Work Out a Deal

Slater's attorney to meet with prosecutors Tuesday

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    A picture of Steven Slater from his MySpace page.

    The flight attendant who famously flipped out at JFK isn't smirking anymore as he tries to avoid landing in the slammer.

    A law enforcement source tells Steven Slater's attorney will meet with prosecutors early Tuesday to work out a deal before a scheduled morning court hearing.

    Slater's charged with felony reckless endangerment and criminal mischief after he cursed out passengers onboard his arriving jetBlue flight at JFK last month, grabbed two beers and jumped out an emergency chute.

    A source with knowledge of the plea talks says D.A. Richard Brown is willing to reduce those felonies if slater agrees to a psychological evaluation and is approved for a mental health and alcohol abuse program.

    jetBlue revealed over the weekend that slater's lost his job. Both the airline's president and D.A. Brown have been harshly critical of slater's initial folk hero status, saying the chute deployment could've seriously injured airport workers or panicked passengers.