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Sharpton's Ex, Daughter to Get Off in Profanity-Laden Traffic Stop Case

But they have to stay out of trouble for six months first



    Reverend Al Sharpton and daughter Dominique

    Prosecutors have agreed to drop resisting-arrest charges against the Rev. Al Sharpton's ex-wife and daughter, providing the duo stays out of trouble for the next six months.

    The civil rights activist's relatives were accused of refusing to comply with officers after a Harlem traffic stop last October. Cops claimed the Sharpton women unleashed a profanity-laden tirade once police pulled them over for allegedly running a red light.

    The Sharptons' lawyer has maintained Dominique Sharpton and her mother Kathy committed no crime and were prosecuted merely for complaining.

    "In America, you have the right to object to police action," said defense attorney Michael Hardy. "And certainly you should not be arrested and prosecuted for objecting if you've committed no crime."

    Police had said Kathy Sharpton shoved a sergeant at the scene and balked when cops tried to cuff her. They also accused Dominique of refusing to get into the squad car and creating a "public disturbance" with her swearing and screaming.

    A Manhattan court Tuesday put the case on track to be dismissed by October if the two don't get arrested between now and then.

    Prosecutors called the arrest legitimate but agreed to the planned dismissal.

    Al Sharpton criticized the arrest via Twitter last fall. He didn't attend Tuesday's court date.