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Sex Shop Opens Up in Sheepshead Bay, Nearby Store Owners Outraged

Owners tone down window display after complaints

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    A newly opened sex shop draws the ire of nearby shop owners.

    The name is KamaSutra but this store is not giving everyone pleasure.

    Some residents and nearby shop owners are up in arms over a new sex shop that opened on Sheepshead Bay Road.

    "I feel disgusted," said Sofia Ashlamova, who works at Brighton Beauty Supply across the street.

    Reaction to the shop at a high end jewelry store is equally passionate -- and at least one worker is adamant that KamaSutra must go.

    "This is a respectful neighborhood and I don’t know what kind of people attract that store. That’s the main thing," said Lana P. of the Golden Door.

    The list of other stores on the block includes a hair salon, a taekwondo dojo, a ballet studio, as well as a children's clothing store.

    And whatever they may feel about the sex shop operating on the block, most people are in accord when it comes to the window display, which features images and items that may be deemed offensive to some parents -- and their children.

    "They have to change the window it’s horrible, imagine my kids going by this window," said Savina Furma, who works at Rascals. "It’s a family neighborhood."

    A representative for KamaSutra wouldn't let NBCNewYork in the store but did say they removed some of the sex toys from the window as well as some glass pipes.

    The window does arouse a certain level of curiosity.

    Several people off camera said it didn't bother them and one woman even said she used to have a shop like KamaSutra in New Hampshire.

    "We were a mom and pop family lingerie sex shop," said Joan Murrell, who owned the store. And they were proud of it. "Very much so. And we were accepted by the community."

    Murrell advises the new shop lay low and go about business, but with the economy still slow, some shop owners wondered aloud what position KamaSutra will put them in.

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