Teen Arrested for Alleged Sex Assaults at NJ School | NBC New York

Teen Arrested for Alleged Sex Assaults at NJ School

Police say the 17-year-old suspect coerced his female victim into sex acts.



    A 17-year-old Clifton High School student is accused of two sexual assaults on the same girl that are alleged to have occurred at school during the day.

    The Clifton Police Department said Wednesday that both alleged incidents happened this month.

    Police say the assaults were not attacks but were the result of "coercion."

    The boy and girl had become friends through Facebook and had struck up a relationship last summer, according to Sgt. Robert Bracken.

    Then, according to a source, the girl gave the boy a nude photo of herself, which he then used to threaten her and coerce her into a sex act this month. He allegedly did it again last week.

    When a relative of the girl found out, police were called and the boy was arrested.

    The boy is charged with two counts of sexual assault, two counts of criminal coercion, and other charges.

    The investigation is ongoing.