Second Avenue Subway Neighbors Await MTA Response on Damage Claims | NBC New York

Second Avenue Subway Neighbors Await MTA Response on Damage Claims



    A Second Avenue Subway project construction site

    Some Upper East Siders working and living near the Second Avenue subway project are demanding reimbursement from the MTA for the damage they say they've incurred on their property -- and in one case, on a pet dog -- as a result of the construction. 

    Residents and business owners have filed 60 property-damage and lost-business claims since 2008, the New York Post reported Sunday. Of those claims, the MTA has paid out just nine of them, totaling $87,489.

    One of them was for a dog named Buttons, who was poked in the eye by a piece of jutting metal when he was walking near the construction site at 96th Street and Second Avenue, the Post said. Owner Robin Hair got $1.669.48 for Button's medical bills.

    Another woman, Dana Renert, told the Post the subway project caused shower tiles to fall off her bathroom wall and plaster to plummet from her daughter's bedroom ceiling, and cracked the crown molding in her living room. Renert said she was still waiting for the MTA to get back to her. 

    And Delizia pizzeria owner Joe Pecora said his power was cut twice in 2008. He's seeking about $20,000.

    An MTA spokesman told the Post, "We respond to claims and process them accordingly -- predicated on whether or not plaintiffs have provided all required information."