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Schumer Wants Northern Border Drug Plan



    Schumer Wants Northern Border Drug Plan
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    Someone was moving drugs out of a house owned by a Daley aide.

    New York Sen. Charles Schumer wants the federal government to develop a comprehensive plan to combat drug smuggling along the northern border.

         Schumer is calling Wednesday for an anti-narcotics strategy like one in place for the southern border. He points to statistics that show cocaine, heroin and marijuana seizures have increased along the U.S.-Canadian border since 2007 and that the border is now the primary gateway for ecstasy trafficked into the United States.
    Legislation being proposed by Schumer and New York Rep. Bill Owens would require the Office of National Drug Control Policy to come up with a comprehensive strategy.
    Schumer's also opposing proposed cuts in federal funds for anti-drug programs in New York counties with high drug activity.