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Cash-Strapped Queens Museum Wants to Sell Ad Space on Roof



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    The FAA said it would not oppose the rooftop ad as long as it didn't distract pilots.

    One Queens museum hopes to generate revenue by selling ad space on its roof.

    The Poppenhausen Institute’s executive director, Susan Brustmann, came up with the idea after friends kept telling her they could see the College Point museum from the air as their flights departed from or descended toward LaGuardia, reports the Daily News.

    Officials are considering offering one single ad space of about 56 by 80 feet and charging several thousand dollars a year, which would be a critical boost for the struggling museum.

    Aviators tell the News the roof is indeed visible from the sky, and the Federal Aviation Administration says it doesn’t oppose the idea of putting an ad there as long as it wouldn’t distract pilots.

    The century and a half-old museum has already reached out to several airlines to gauge interest in a rooftop ad.

    Delta and United didn’t return the News’ request for comment, but American Airlines said it carefully evaluates all advertising prospects. JetBlue said it wasn’t aware of the opportunity.