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Paralyzed Jitney Driver Tells Tragedy, Police Show Video



    The surveillance video shows "Humberto" writhing and rolling in the middle of the street, a bullet have gone right through his spine, and his own jitney having rolled over his legs.

    "My faith in Jesus Christ," Humberto said from his hospital bed is how he's dealing with paralysis, the loss of a kidney, and major reconstruction of his colon.

    Disturbing Surveillance Video: Jitney Driver Shot, Hit by Bus

    [NY] Disturbing Surveillance Video: Jitney Driver Shot, Hit by Bus
    Police have released these disturbing images of a jitney drive who as shot and then hit by his bus.
    (Published Wednesday, March 10, 2010)

    Jersey City Police Chief Thomas Comey described the crime as "callous and heinous" and said there is a $4,000 reward for help in finding the gunman.

    Police asked us not to reveal Humberto's last name out of fear the gunman may try to finish him off.

    The crime happened at a minute past midnight this past Friday, after the jitney picked up the gunman in Union City. Several passengers got on and off, but by the time they reached the courthouse area in Jersey City, it was just the gunman and Humberto,  the driver.

    Police say the gunman demanded money while showing his gun. Humberto told NBCNewYork that he feared the gunman would go ahead and shoot, so he tried to flee through the door on the driver's side.

    That's when he said the gunman fired, and Humberto ended up on his back in the middle of the street.

    The surveillance camera doesn't show it, but the gunman then took control of the bus, ran over Humberto's legs and fled the scene.

    "He drives my bus over me, he tried to pass the bus over me," Humberto said despite a tube that was running out of his nose.

    "He thinks that he'll be able to walk...he's in complete denial," said Humberto's sister-in-law Kimberly(she has the same last name, so she asked not to be fully identified). But doctors tell her he'll never walk again.

    Kimberly said Humberto's wife and six year old son depended on him as the family breadwinner.

    "Capture him, justice be served," said Humberto.

    Police, meanwhile, said the suspect is likely between 18 and 20 years old, from Columbia or a Central or other South American country, and light skinned.

    "And he may do it again," warned Chief Comey.

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