Off-Duty Cop Slams Car Into Tiffany's in Alleged Drunk Driving Crash

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    The car flipped over and firefighters had to cut open the roof to get the men out.

    An off-duty cop plowed his car into the famous Midtown Tiffany's store in an alleged drunken escapade, authorities say. Officer Raphael Ospina and his two passengers were injured when the car flipped over and smashed into the storefront early Saturday, reports the Daily News

    Ospina was arrested and suspected after the accident at about 3 a.m. Police say the 27-year-old officer was driving on East 57th Street when he collided with the truck turning onto Fifth Avenue. Emergency personnel rushed all three men to Bellevue Hospital, but their injuries were not considered life-threatening, reports the News.

    The impact shattered the windshield and firefighters had to cut open the roof of the Chrysler 300 to rescue the men, who were trapped inside the vehicle. Caution tape warded off late-night spectators. Authorities spotted a champagne cork and a container of Tropicana orange juice inside, which led to speculation they had been drinking, according to the News.

    One passenger broke his arm in the crash; the other suffered only bumps and bruises. The driver of the garbage truck wasn't injured.

    Ospina joined the NYPD in 2004. He is charged with DWI and vehicular assault. A police spokesman did not know whether Ospina has an attorney yet.