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New Yorkers to Their Friends: Stop Complaining Already

The snow is getting to people on social media




    Holy hashtags, Batman. The Tri-State area is tweeting and posting and griping about snow.
    "I think everyone's just had it with winter," said Jeff Lichtstein, standing on a pile of slush in Hoboken after a workday in Manhattan. "And everyone's tweets are 'I hate the snow, its keeping me outta work.'"
    Yes, snow isn't the only thing accumulating. Also piling up: complaints, as New Yorkers gripe about the driving, the walking, the commuting, you name it.
    "It's a bit much," said Lorraine Ampow. "And it's only January. I don't know about February and March. It's a little bit-- depressing."
    But some academics have discovered a silver lining underneath all that frozen white. Lauren Ross, a professor at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, said cope. Lauren Ross said "people are really stepping up'' because of a ``collective pattern we're experiencing.''
    In other words, everyone has to deal with the snow. No one is immune. And so, they're all in this together.

    Winter Snow Fatigue

    [NY] Winter Snow Fatigue
    Tri-State says enough already.
    (Published Monday, Jan. 31, 2011)