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Poll: More NY Voters Support Occupy Wall Street

Poll shows 44 percent of voters support OWS, while only 21 percent support tea party

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    Sorry tea partiers, the drumming, park-occupying Wall Street protesters get more love from New York voters.

    A NY1-Marist Poll released Tuesday show 44 percent of voters support the Occupy Wall Street movement while only 21 percent support the tea party. But about half of the 1,030 adults surveyed Oct. 25 through 27 think the tea party movement will have greater influence in the 2012 presidential election.

    The support for the two movement splits across party lines, with more than seven in 10 Democrats saying they share the Wall Street protesters' views. Fifty-five percent of Republicans say their views are more aligned with the tea party.

    The survey also found that three in four voters said that the Occupy Wall Street movement's main message was about "too much corporate greed."