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New Mobile App Makes Texts Tough to Track



    However you tell the Tiger Woods story you have to mention the text messages. Some say that's how Tiger's troubles started.  He left too many digital footprints.

    A mistake a new IPhone app hopes to fix.

    New App Destroys Your Most Private Text Messages

    [NY] New App Destroys Your Most Private Text Messages
    The Tiger Woods scandal inspires a new app that keeps the wrong from seeing a private text message.
    (Published Thursday, April 1, 2010)

    It's called Tiger Text and it let's the user send text messages that self-destruct.

    "Once the message is gone its gone it doesn't exist anymore," says Tiger Text President Jeffrey Evans.

    If it sounds a little 007 that's because it is.  On setting let's you set a timer for your text message.  Another makes the text disappear as soon as the other person reads it.

    Once the text is gone all that appears on the phone are tiny tiger tracks.  The inventors claim the name has nothing to do with Tiger Woods.

    "Tigers are animals hard to track, " says Evans.

    Tiger Text is a software that both the sender and receiver need for it to work. It costs $1.99 and will soon be available for the Blackberry and the Android. The inventors say the app is more for the business world and for private conversations that you don't want to live forever.

    "Tiger text itself is not about you trying to hide things from people and do things that are bad.  It's about to keep private what is meant to be private,"said Evans.