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Casinos Give New Meaning to "Being on a Heater"

No A/C in A.C.



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    A Security Guard keeps watch at Caesars Casino

    Two New Jersey Boardwalk casinos, a shopping mall and a concert hall head into a crucial summer weekend — with temperatures in the 90s — without air conditioning or many of their scheduled guests.

    Utility crews are hooking up temporary air conditioning trucks to the buildings, even as others work to patch a leak in a huge pipe carrying chilled water that powers the air conditioning in the gambling halls.

    Trump Plaza and Caesars Atlantic City were without air conditioning for a second day Friday, amid their busiest season.

    Pepco Energy Services called in portable air conditioning trucks from around the country, and hopes to have some connected later in the day, to start bringing at least some relief. Outside, it's humid, with a forecast high of 91.