First Community Board Meeting Over NYU Expansion Plan

Village residents are hearing more about the ambitious plans to expand NYU

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    NBC New York
    Residents attend the first community board meeting over the NYU expansion plan

    Neighbors in Greenwich Village gathered Monday night to hear more about the ambitious plans to expand New York University.

    The plan, called NYU 2031, calls for tearing down and then rebuilding major chunks of the campus.

    Concerned Village residents attended the first of several community board meetings on the issue Monday.

    They argued the expansion would take away from the Village's character and make it even more crowded than it is now.

    "Many of us run in the area, many of us walk in the area, many of us rely on those superblocks as one of the few places left in  lower Manhattan where we're not crowded in with these huge buildings all around us," said one resident who attended the meeting.

    Additional meetings will be held Wednesday and Thursday to discuss the impact the expansion would have on traffic and the community's park space.

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