NYC Man Made 330 Fake 911 Calls in 20 Months: Cops

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    A New York City man is accused of making 330 bogus emergency calls over a 20-month period.

    Anthony Lloyd pleaded not guilty Thursday to a 28-count indictment of making false bomb and anthrax calls that targeted a Human Services Administration building in Harlem.

    Authorities say they were able to catch the suspect after he placed a legitimate 911 call last month, and they recognized his voice.

    They say the cell phone calls began in February. Police were able to pinpoint the calls to one block in Harlem, but not the caller. Lloyd used a phone from a discontinued account that wasn't registered to anyone but still had 911 capabilities.

    He was arraigned Thursday on a $3,5000 cash bail and released. His attorney didn't return a call for comment.