NYC Friends Reach L.A. After $5K Cab Fare | NBC New York

NYC Friends Reach L.A. After $5K Cab Fare



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    Two friends who hired a New York City cab driver to drive them across the United States for $5,000 have arrived in Los Angeles.

    John Belitsky of Leonia, N.J, and Dan Wuebben of Queens reached California on Friday after a six-day trip.

    The cab made a pit stop in Las Vegas, where the friends won more than $2,000 at the craps and blackjack tables. They told the New York Post that they woke up cabbie Mohammed Alam ``with a shower of $100 bills.''

    The pair told the newspaper the idea for the trip was hatched during a birthday party.

    The two friends haven't yet said how they'll get back. The cab driver says a friend will help him make the drive home.