NY Couple Divides Apartment, Finds Secret to Marital Bliss

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    A New York couple says living apart is the secret to staying together.

    The New York Post reports that Allen Sheinman, 58, and wife Collette Stallone, 56, have divided their 576-square-foot West Village apartment with plastic walls and other clear dividing lines.

    She has the bedroom, he took over the sofa-bed in the living room, the Post says.

    They have separate newspaper subscriptions and don't watch TV together, even if they're watching the same show at the same time.

    They only meet in the kitchen, in the arrangement that has been in place since 2009.

    "I don't know where this idea came from that you always have to be in the middle of whatever the other person is doing," Stallone told the Post.

    The couple is featured in a documentary called "Two's A Crowd," premiering this month. They met through online dating personals.