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NYC Advertisers Protest Decision on Racy Taxi Ads

Advertisers say it's unfair they paid to produce ads cabbies reject



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    New York taxi advertisers have spoken out against the city's decision to allow drivers who own their cabs to veto racy taxi-top ads.     

    The advertisers gathered Sunday near the offices of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission in lower Manhattan.     

    The drivers objected to ads that feature scantily clad women.     

    But advertisers say it's unfair that they paid to produce the ads and now they can't run them. They say it's a matter of free speech.     

    The TLC has ruled that if a cabbie owns his car, he's allowed to opt out of risque ads. Previously, the owner of the taxi medallion, not the car, had a say about the contents of roof ads.     

    Many taxi owners do not own the medallion.