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Oh Snow, Forecast Calls for Flakes in the Tri-State, First of the Season

A few wet flakes could fall Thursday evening in higher elevations.



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    Summer is barely behind us, but parts of the tri-state could see their first snowflakes of the season already this week.

    Forecasters aren't expecting this storm to cause any problems ore disruptions -- instead, the snowflakes will only be a reminder that winter is right around the corner.

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    The best chances of seeing a few wet snow flakes are in higher elevations of the Hudson Valley and Catskills mountains. This includes hilly areas of Rockland, Ulster, Sullivan, Orange, and Dutchess counties.

    Any snowfall would come Thursday evening, with the storm out of the area in time for Friday morning's commute.

    All of the snow should melt upon hitting the ground, due to the recent warm weather and the light intensity of the snow.

    A possible larger storm could arrive in the area towards the weekend, although it's too early in the forecast to say whether this storm delivers more snow.

    Most of the weather models forecast this storm to turn out to sea and not cause us any problems. After the weekend, the one bright spot in the forecast continues to be Halloween.

    The kids shouldn't need any heavy coats over their costumes this year with temperatures in the 50s under mostly clear skies.