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NY School District Shut Down Over Facebook Misunderstanding

Student's post mentioned "combine" and concerned parent contacted authorities



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    The desks were empty in Ardsley public schools today, but students will fill them again tomorrow.

    What looked like a possible plan for a Columbine style attack at a Westchester County school district has turned out to be nothing more than a Facebook misunderstanding.

      Late last night a parent in the Ardsley School District noticed a posting on her daughter's Facebook page that used the words "combine" and "revenge" scheduled for Monday at the high school.
    That parent notified the district's superintendent who called the police and then sent out word that the elementary, middle and high schools, where approximately 750 students attend classes, would be closed today while the police investigate.
    That investigation revealed that "combine" is not an abbreviated version of Columbine, but an in-school competition for members of the football team scheduled for today.
    Superintendent Charles Khoury issued a statement saying, "Given the hour of the night and the time it took to thoroughly investigate, we all agree that closing the schools and erring on the side of student and staff safety and security was the prudent course to take."

    School Closes After A False Facebook Threat

    [NY] School Closes After A False Facebook Threat
    What is believed to be a Facebook threat prompts officials to close school.
    (Published Monday, March 1, 2010)

    After meeting with investigators, Khoury and police determined the perceived threat "was caused by an understandable misinterpretation of the words and phrases used on a Facebook posting" and that no threat exists. He thanked parents for their diligence in checking postings and notifying authorities of any potentially questionable material.

    All of the Ardlsey Public Schools will be open on Tuesday.