NJ Troops Says: Suspension Was Based on 'Lesbian Envy' | NBC New York

NJ Troops Says: Suspension Was Based on 'Lesbian Envy'



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    A female New Jersey State Police sergeant suspended over accusations that she sexually harassed another female trooper she was training claims the state police treats gay female troopers unfairly.

    Sgt. Christine Shallcross was suspended without pay on Dec. 31 pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

    Another female trooper says Shallcross, a 14-year veteran, sexually harassed her during and after academy training.

    A lawyer for Shallcross tells The Associated Press that he believes her suspension was the result of an "organized attack on the gay female trooper community" by other troopers who are envious that they have not been promoted.

    Shallcross was assigned to the internal investigations bureau at the time of her suspension.