No Smoke: NJ Legislature to Decide Medical Marijuana Monday

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    On the last day possible, New Jersey's legislature will debate whether to allow medical use of marijuana.

    Monday, January 11th is the final day for the current lame duck session of the legislature, before it reorganizes itself the next day.

    And in the Assembly, outgoing Speaker Joe Roberts said he will post the medical marijuana bill that has been slowly moving through the legislature in recent months.

    In fact, the State Senate already passed one version. But when it got over to an Assembly committee, several changes were made. That's what the full Assembly will vote on Monday, and then that same afternoon or evening, the Senate will have to approve the changes.

    If all that happens, It will go to outgoing Governor Jon Corzine's desk to be signed into law, something Corzine has indicated he will do before he leaves office a week later.