Senate Hopeful DioGuardi Says He Won't Be "Idol" on Fiscal Responsibility

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    Former Congressman and Senate hopeful Joseph DioGuardi

    Senate candidate Joseph DioGuardi cast himself as a fiscal hawk who would shrink federal debt, as he campaigned in Albany Thursday for the seat held by Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

    The father of "American Idol" judge and songwriter Kara DioGuardi is vying to unseat New York's hand-picked junior Senator.

    DioGuardi was a two-term congressman from the suburbs north of New York City in the '80s, says the federal government's growing debt is what's motivating him to seek public office again.

    The Bronx Native says he's the right man to fix fiscal problems because he's an experienced certified public accountant with a long history.

    DioGuardi spent most of a news conference explaining — with the help of charts and news articles — the dangers of the federal government's growing debt load. He said that as a certified public accountant with a history of public service, he is the right person to fix the problem.

    When asked about the competition in the race for Senate in New York, DioGuardi told reporters: "I don't see a field... I see me."

    Also running for the republican nomination is former Long Island lawmaker Bruce Blakeman. David Malpass, an economic consultant who served in the Reagan and first Bush Administrations has reportedly taken steps to declare a run. Republican Dan Senor, former spokesman for the U.S.-led military incursion in Iraq under President Bush is also reportedly considering a run.

    DioGuardi told reporters in Albany that he was sure his famous daughter will help his campaign "as much as she can. But don't forget, she's busy too. I can't tell her to leave what she's doing."