Mentally Disabled Son Lived With Parents' Corpses for Weeks: Report

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    A man whom neighbors describe as developmentally disabled and middle-aged lived with his parents' corpses for weeks after the elderly Queens couple died, authorities said, according to a published report.

    Emergency officials discovered the bodies of 88-year-old Phillip Zimmer and his 84-year-old wife, Lillian, after the couple's son Stuart, who lived with his parents, called 911 to report they weren't breathing, according to the Daily News.

    Police said it's likely Phillip Zimmer died a few weeks ago and that Lillian died more recently, the paper reports.

    Both their bodies showed signs of decay, authorities said.

    Authorities said they don't expect foul play was involved in the couple's demise and they don't suspect Stuart Zimmer, who was taken to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, engaged in any wrongdoing. Cops told the News they believe Philip "panicked" when his father died and stayed by the corpse without calling authorities.